About The “Network”?

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About The “Network”?

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The Blog4Bitcoin.club website is just one website within a co-operative network of websites but is, itself, a network of websites by virtue of using the WordPress MS (multisite) platform. WordPress MS enables users to get their own website/blog as a subdomain under the main site (like WordPress.com). To get yours simply register.

Or, you can register and get a blog at any of our other WordPress MS sites:

adcoinnetwork.com art4bitcoin.club
blog4finances.com blog4healthyliving.com
blog4jesus.com blog4randpaul.xyz
blogs4businesses.com blogs4littleleague.com
blogsbystudents.com cooperativefundraising.com
music4bitcoin.club webtrafficmls.com
wpmonetizationsystems.com wtventurecapital.com

Each node and “sub node” in the network (whether they be a WordPress MS site, a regular WordPress installation that uses our plugin or a PHP driven website) hosts our web directory API which creates a fully populated (with categories,links, titles, descriptions etc.) Yellow Pages style web directory on the site.

This network of interconnected Yellow Page style web directories enables a web site looking to advertise themselves to register at just one site, add their link information and description and have that listing dispersed among the entire network. The number of sites the listing is displayed on will increase, too, when new websites join the network and they, too, start displaying the ads.

What incentive do we provide a web site operator to install our API? First, nodes receive permanent, perpetual income from the advertising sales that their node generates. Since an advertiser gets their listing displayed in the entire network, and since that advertiser is in a competitive bidding situation for their listing position, the amount of income they receive is market driven. Second, since every advertiser owns and operates a website they are potentially a new node and if that happens then the site where they registered at originally gets permanent, perpetual override commissions on all of the sales the recruited site generates.

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