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Our website is one of a network of many individually owned and operated websites that co-operate to advertise each other's websites. Users can add their link absolutely free, with no obligation. The income opportunity of this web advertising co-operative is open to customers for free simply by maintaining our web directory on their website. We offer free blog sites too [see below] for those without a website!

Promoting the customer's transition from free advertising to paying and providing income opportunities is achieved by a competitive bidding arrangement where a customer's  website will initially be listed in the order that it was received. We don't attempt to "rank" sites as some services claim to be able to do, but, instead, we offer them the opportunity to pay for a better position ahead of the earlier links. Then we use that payment as a way to compensate the member website operators for contributing their web traffic to the network (i.e. via our web directory on their website). 

Compensation is paid in the form of the new global crypto-currency Bitcoin. There is a slight learning curve but the benefits of using Bitcoin far outweigh the modest investment in time to learn it. Visit the Bitcoin Page for more info. You can also use your earnings to purchase better placement for your own website, as well, and the credits are awarded and available daily.

Please choose the appropriate method for getting your income producing web directory below:

1a) Get a blog in this WordPress MultiSite

  • Free
  • No domain name needed
  • Potential to earn income with your writing
  • Can function as a registration form for conducting person-to-person ad sales

1b) Get a blog on one of our other WordPress MultiSites (about a different topic)

Blog4Bitcoin.club BlogsByStudents.com
Blog4Jesus.com Blog4HealthyLiving.com

2) Get a plugin for your already existing WordPress web site

3) Get a PHP script for your already existing HTML AND PHP capable web site

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