Justice Department Disingenuous About Apple and Terrorism

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Justice Department Disingenuous About Apple and Terrorism

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It would seem that the U.S. Justice Department has been very far from honest when it represents that anti-terrorism is the reason they want Apple to create a "backdoor" into the I-phone. According this Wall Street Journal article there are twelve other cases that the Justice Department  is pursuing against Apple and in each one they are attempting to use the archaic 18th-century law called the All Writs Act to compel Apple to comply.

The letter, written last week from an Apple lawyer to a federal judge, lists the locations of those phone cases: Four in Illinois, three in New York, two in California, two in Ohio, and one in Massachusetts.

The problem regarding the Justice Department's hones representation of the situation to the American people is that NONE of the twelve cases involve national security. This is obviously a case where one of the highest regulatory agencies in the country stooped to the level of "crying wolf" for other reasons, as yet unknown. Their behavior warrants an investigation into the workings of the Justice Department itself. Are their motives the results of corruption? Do its leaders have stock options on Apple's competitors? Have they bet against Aplle shares (called selling them "short")? I struggle for a legitimate reason for such behavior.

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