Is Google Bitcoin’s Friend Or Foe?

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Is Google Bitcoin’s Friend Or Foe?

I got into a debate with a Google rep about Bitcoin vs. Google Wallet and, I realize I’m biased in my opinion but, I think I handed him his head.

Incredibly he hadn’t even looked into Bitcoin so I introduced him to alot of information. But then he started on how it was the same as Google Wallet. He gave a scenario of how I could send my buddy (sitting across from me) some money instantly too and asked why Bitcoin was different. I easily replied that, among other things, no one would know it was me sending it to him or that he had received it after I sent it. If I used Google they would know BOTH sides of the transaction.

Google is spying on everything we do. I get the strangest ads showing on web pages simply from some off the wall comment I made in an email. But I don’t think it is some tin foil hat conspiracy to look ahead and see where the current spying/advertising alliance won’t be satisfied until they know when and what we bought. I was seriously looking for a new computer monitor and had visited a number of retailer sites. The ads for monitors were on every site I visited. And then I finally “pulled the trigger” and bought one and guess what happened to the ads? They kept coming …. for months. It doesn’t cost anyone anything since I didn’t click them (except my own aggravation) but how long before Google wants to know that I bought so they can send me more effective ads? I don’t think too long.

But here we are 6 years after what many say is the biggest tech event since the Internet (which is itself bigger than Google of course) and I can’t think of anything Google has contributed. So why hasn’t the Bitcoin community gotten more vocal about Google’s absence? The Google Rep was not in some fluncky position. Rather he was a ways up the corporate ladder. I can’t say one event is proof of Google’s corporate policy but, again, nothing constructive from them comes to mind. Wall Street banks seem more involved than Google and that is a complete shame!

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