The cooperative advertising network (that this website is a part of) only transacts business in Bitcoin but if you are not familiar with it don't worry!. You can still both advertise and earn without any Bitcoin experience or knowledge and you will have plenty of time to learn all about the new digital currency designed for the Internet and that is sweeping the globe.

Go ahead and register, add your link info and advertise for free and download and install the app on your website and start earning. You will be able to use your earnings to purchase better placement for your own website with absolutely zero Bitcoin knowledge. Using the service at this level, the ad network functions more like a link exchange rather than a way to earn income. As your earnings grow, however, they may reach a level where you will want to withdraw them. The following material provide a thorough introduction and foundation in Bitcoin so that, when that time comes, you will be ready to receive your first commissions in Bitcoin!

Getting Started –

Satoshi Nakamoto White Paper PDF Audio Version


Beginner Wallet – Online –

Enterprise Level (Most secure) Bitcoin Armory

Wallet Links & Downloads

Informational Links



Coindesk –

Bitcoin Wisdom – Bitcoin Wisdom

Blockchain –

Bitcoin Talk Show –

Technical Information About Bitcoin

The Most Secure Wallet – Armory

What's Under The Hood –‎

Bitcoin Mining

Software Libraries

Generate Wallet Addresses

Where To Buy Bitcoin

Coin Base

Local Bitcoin

Bitcoin Brokers

How/Where To Spend

Gift Cards

E Gifter

Gyft –


Tiger Direct –

General Merchandise

Overstock – Overstock

Bitcoin Payment Systems For Businesses

BitPay –
Payment processor – creates invoice, processes, deposits currency
to you bank

Coinbase – Coin Base


Compare To Credit Cards


On Money Laundering Bitcoin Money Laundering Allegations Cash Is Still King