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We offer a new, fairer, stake-holder interest to our members providing the best return for their web traffic.

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Our WordPress Multi-User sites are brandable to schools, sports leagues, churches, charities etc. and our income generating pluggin is available to their supporters and, essentially, "donate" their web traffic!

Wordpress WebSite Design & Development

WordPress Multi-User sites enable new bloggers to easily start earning income and our WordPress plugin enables established WordPress sites to join too! Our designers can provide you either!

WebSite Hosting

Our hosting mission is to so enable your web site to earn you income that WE PAY YOU to host with us!

Software As A Service

Our customised WordPress Multi-User script is available to schools, real estate, insurance, car-dealer, sports leagues, churches, charities, political candidates on a subscription basis.

Bitcoin Services

More than just a new global crypto-currency/money! Bitcoin enables global participation, payments and financial accountability to our members

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Latest Blog

Why Bitcoin is Better Than Gold

Bitcoin (sometimes called "digital gold") has been more stable than gold for the last twenty-four days according to this Wall Street Journal article. The article points out that: Some point to the drop (sic. drop in volatility) as a sign that investor perception of bitcoin is drawing closer to gold as a safe store of

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The Gold VS. Bitcoin Debate

I often approach a discussion about Bitcoin by trying to learn where the other party is in their understanding of economic principles. The debate about what constitutes 'good money" goes all the way back to Aristotle (if not earlier) and it is safe to assume that the listener has not fallen as deep into the

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Justice Department Disingenuous About Apple and Terrorism

It would seem that the U.S. Justice Department has been very far from honest when it represents that anti-terrorism is the reason they want Apple to create a "backdoor" into the I-phone. According this Wall Street Journal article there are twelve other cases that the Justice Department  is pursuing against Apple and in each one

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Bitcoin, Triple Entry Accounting, Collateralized Wages

In his Feb. 10, 2014 Bitcoin Magazine article titled Triple Entry Bookkeeping With Bitcoin , Jason M. Tyra explains Bitcoin's potential effects to the accounting profession. In the article he writes "Double entry bookkeeping revolutionized the field of financial accounting during the Renaissance period. Whereas simple ledgers had long been the standard for record keeping

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Is Google Bitcoin’s Friend Or Foe?

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I got into a debate with a Google rep about Bitcoin vs. Google Wallet and, I realize I’m biased in my opinion but, I think I handed him his head. Incredibly he hadn’t even looked into Bitcoin so I introduced him to alot of information. But then he started on how it was the same

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About The “Network”?

The Blog4Bitcoin.club website is just one website within a co-operative network of websites but is, itself, a network of websites by virtue of using the WordPress MS (multisite) platform. WordPress MS enables users to get their own website/blog as a subdomain under the main site (like WordPress.com). To get yours simply register. Or, you can

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What Is An “AdCoin”?

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We use the term “AdCoin” to describe the value held in our customers’ and members’ accounts which originated from a Bitcoin deposit and that also preserves and backs that value 100% with Bitcoin because they (sic. AdCoin) are redeemable for Bitcoin at a fixed one-for-one exchange rate. Why don’t we just call them Bitcoin then?

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Bitcoin Is A Black Box To Many Government And Tax Regulators

Earlier this week, the European Court of Justice decided to exempt bitcoin transactions from Value Added Tax (VAT). The IRS in the US made its ruling on Bitcoin way back in March of 2014. The European ruling has been heralded as good news for Bitcoin while the IRS ruling was not so welcomed. The point

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List Of Potential Software/Protocols To Convert ADCoin To An Asset

This is just a quick "spaceholder" post to get the page started. I've at least looked at each of these and there are more coming available rapidly. I'm looking for input and feedback from the members as to what they want and methods of how they would like their earnings to become an asset. Armoury

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